Blair Williams

Blair Williams' details

  • March 28, 1994
  • Loma Linda, CA, USA
  • 145lb
  • 5'9"
  • 36D-29-38


Judging by Blair Williams's religious pre-porm lifestyle, you would never guess this church-going angel would one day become the deepthroating, cum-loving XXX goddess she is today. Before stripping down and sharing her 36D tits with the world, Blair's plan was to wait until marriage before letting a big ol' dick penetrate her tight wet pussy. But when college came around, those virginal aspirations went out the window! Fresh out of an all-girls private school, Miss Williams was confronted by hundreds of hot co-eds, and she found herself overwhelmed by feelings of lust. Driven by her sexual hunger, Blair decided to drop the abstinence pledge and get freaky with as much cock as she could get her hands on. Dorm life provided her with a veritable buffet of horny dudes to choose from, but with a libido like hers, Miss Williams quickly grew out of her campus's crop of studs, and started looking for more orgasmic opportunities.

Despite her traditional upbringing, Blair is a huge porn fan. Sex on camera fascinated her and she had always had a strong exhibitionist streak, so it was only natural for her to make the big leap into the wonderful world of adult entertainment. But rather than taking the conventional route through the pro-am scene, this bubbly hussie took a different path. Miss Williams tried out for a porn reality show, and with her cute all-American vibe and curvaceous body, she beat out thousands of wannabe starlets for a chance to become adult entertainment's next it-girl. It was an intense few months of sexy challenges, and Blair worked harder than she ever worked in her life, but it was well worth it. This fresh-faced blonde discovered new raunchy talents (like her ability to fit an entire banana down her throat), and flourished into the pornographic rockstar she was always meant to be.

Aliases : Blair Williams


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